A downloadable game for Windows

A platformer where you must focus [zoom in] to move, making the control of your character a balancing act between *seeing where you're going* and *actually being able to reach places*.

Made by one person over 48 hours for GMTK2020. (All art created within the duration of the Jam).


GMTK2020_Focus.zip 20 MB


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Man that was FUN! 
The game feels polished, sounds are simple but pleasant. Visuals are nice.

There's a total of 7 coins, and I got them all, but, you have to work for it ;)

1 tip i'll give to whoever is reading this, trust your slow speed... it'll come in handy ;)  

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I played it. Was a lot of fun. I love the moving bushes.
Also you made the speed changing idea actually work.I got 4 coins. Out of 7 I think.